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Huge plot - amazing soil
Large Back Garden in NR7 9HP
Cancellation Notice Period
1 month
Hosted by Andrea N
Free To Rent

Huge growing plot at the back of our enormous garden in Norwich NR7. We both work full time and don't have the energy and time to fully maintain our plot. We dedicate lots of time to it in in the Spring / Summer, but it lays dormant during the Autumn / Winter months. So much potential for those looking for space to grow on bulbs . plant veg etc. Free to those who can help us with some maintenance. Powered garage, lots of power tools, 30ft hose, two water butts. apple & pear tree!!

img Highlights
Lot's of space
Fertile soil
img Accessed by
Private gate
img Typically available on
Anytime they want
img Equipment & utilities available
Watering Can
Weeding Hoe
Power Socket
Water butt
Compost bin
img Plot Readiness
Trim or Tidy Required
Hosted by Andrea N
Free To Rent