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Medium-sized rear garden in Greenford (good soil)
Back Garden in UB6 8PF
Cancellation Notice Period
1 month
Hosted by Cho
£18 per month

I have a fair-sized garden, with one half as a lawn and the rest given over to plants and trees. Also have borders on each side, which can be utilised, plus have loads of spare pots and two wooden troughs (one large, one small). Sadly, after my mum passed away, I have let the garden go to seed and don't really have the time or energy to bring it back to it's former glory. Soil is good and fertile, though it's clay and sometimes hard to dig. However in the shed, I do have a small mechanical digger/tiller, which I believe still works. We get plenty of sun, so plants do thrive there and have done so for many years past. Have plenty of tools in the shed, all of which can be used and also have half a bag of quality compost and bark chips. Also have many unused seed packs and bottles of plant food, so really you have just about all you need as a starter project. Plenty of parking outside the house and this is free after 3pm on weekdays and all day on weekends. Pleasant, family neighbourhood with low crime levels and you won't find any unsavory characters hanging about. Tours can be arranged via prior appointment NB where it says I have a compost bin on site, this is actually a green waste recycling bin for weeds, trimmings and any green waste.

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Parking on site
Fertile soil
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Evenings and weekends
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Watering Can
Weeding Hoe
Compost bin
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Hosted by Cho
£18 per month